artist statement 2018

on a good day when I pay close attention
I’m brought to my knees by the world

I’m in love
with beauty and brutality

a speeding train toward Amsterdam from Brussels
mesmerized by music                                                                                  
interwoven languages lacing words I don’t understand

we passed field after field that had been overrun                            
carnage of two world wars

the soil was rich and dark                                                                       
new life                                                                                              
soft green shoots

on the side of a building near Rotterdam
“it was all a dream”
“all we got iz us”

how much about the bombing do they know?                                           
the stories of the Blitz  

we are so small in this big place                                                                   
often lost to what we have                                                                                       
 all we have                                                                                                    

this is the subject and object of my work                                                               
I skull and navigate with an effort to reconcile

to hold them here and now                                                                                   
“all we got iz us”

Susan Calza 2018