let’s not pretend

Artist Susan Calza

Artist Susan Calza

This short film captures many things that fascinate me — dark art, struggling with what’s going on in the world, and people pretending to have it all together
— G. Rossi

Let’s Not Pretend is a film by Riley Bartolomeo about acclaimed artist Susan Calza. This documentary follows this award and fellowship grant winning artist to discover the autobiographical and societal stories which lay beneath her art. Moreover, this film emphasizes the importance of art in our communities, country and world!

Run Time: 00:15:49  

Format: Digital, 1920x1080p

Categories: Short Film, Documentary, Experimental, Art House, Independent Cinema, Avant Garde

Film Festivals: Wagner College Film Festival (US- Staten Island, NY, April 2017) , ACAFilms Low Film Festival (Sao Paulo, Brazil- South America Premiere, July 2017) , Roma Cinema DOC (Rome, Italy, April 2017), Los Angeles CineFest (US-Los Angeles, CA, April 2017), International Student Short Film Festival (Tunisia, Africa, July 2017), International Inter-University Short Film Festival (Dhaka, Bangladesh, July 2017), Festival du Court d’Arte (Marne, France, November 2017), Asian Film Centre Global Film Festival (Kolkata, India, November 2017), Student Cuts Film Festival (Slovenia, May 2017) College screenings: Johnson State College (Johnson, VT) May 2017

Gallery screenings: Axel’s Gallery (Waterbury, VT) May 2017

Streaming: Amazon Prime  

Other: Student Academy Award eligible film, Small Axe Radical Film Award nominee , North American Film Award winner