“Of her overall artistic and curatorial philosophy, Calza offered, “This is a terrible generalization, but I always feel the best work is [from] cultures that are really stressed.” For the U.S., she said, "The time's right now; it's rich and juicy and dark — let's look at it.”

Surveying her glowing-red installation, she added, "I think it works best when it's dark outside."

Rachel Elizabeth Jones, Seven Days 2019

"In the non-objective department, Susan Calza shines..."

Vivien Raynor, NY Times


"Calza shows an uncanny knack for transforming acutely political topics into highly personalized manifestations. Nothing is on the nose. There is no moralism, only the self-aware creation of objects that can be both frustrating and friendly. With genuine wonder, Calza has formed a poetic puzzle that invites viewers to navigate human contradictions, consumerism and the confounding question of how we construct beauty and value."

Rachel Elizabeth Jones, Seven Days 2017


Much acquainted...missing is a non-authoritarian body of work. It is everything opposite of coercive control and authority. It is a show that gives power to the non-dominant in the most literal way: she uses her non-dominant hand for all of her drawings...Instead of speaking of things that are in control and have the ability to control others, Calza calls on wobbly authenticity. Her left hand is allowed to feel, touch, experience what the right hand is generally in charge of. Her non-dominant hand cannot hide behind confidence, knowing, and exactitude. Instead, it is allowed to reveal its own squirm – lack of strength becomes a strength through repetition.

Leila Bandar, Vermont Art Zine 2012